COVID research - Special events 

The offer of our facility is addressed both to individuals who would like to check their health condition or who need a negative result before going on holiday abroad, and to those who organize important family events. We perform COVID tests for special events such as weddings, baptisms or communions, the organization of which during the coronavirus pandemic takes place in accordance with the regulations indicated above.

We carry out the tests at the collection point in Żoliborz (ul. Mickiewicza 16, 01-517 Warsaw), but we also offer the possibility of carrying out the test in any place indicated by the ordering party for an additional fee (PLN 100 for the cost of medical services and transport).

Our facility gives you the opportunity to sign up for RT-PCR and antigen tests, which are characterized by an efficiency of 98/99%. The first one allows you to obtain information about a positive or negative result of COVID-19 infection within 24 hours of the examination, and the second one - after about 15-20 minutes. Guests of the special event can also use the option of checking whether you are a healed - our antibody test indicates that the infection has survived in the past.

We perform COVID-19 smear tests - we collect genetic material from the nasopharynx. However, it may happen that in the case of a specific person there are specific contraindications - then we take a swab from the throat. For this reason, you should report for the test at least 2 hours after the last meal so that the result is not distorted.

The date for the RT-PCR and antigen test before the special event can be booked via the form on the website or by telephone (22 299 01 50, +48 796 347 314) and e-mail ( The current prices and free test dates for COVID-19 are also posted on our website.

Coronavirus research before the special event: RT-PCR and rapid antigen test