Online research (Teleconsultation)

The modern world constantly presents us with all kinds of challenges, and we feel enormous pressure and are in a constant hurry, which may have a negative impact on our health, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. If you notice any disturbing symptoms, do not underestimate them, but contact your primary care physician as soon as possible. One solution is an online survey called teleconsultation. What is it about?

Teleconsultation - what is behind it?

The pandemic that prevails all over the world has significantly limited the numerous contacts with doctors, which we have been able to afford almost without limitations so far. This does not mean, however, that in the present situation the person in need will not receive help. Many clinics operate in a slightly changed mode, providing remote medical advice. Teleconsultation can take place in various ways, most often it is a telephone conversation, but it can also be a follow-up visit in the form of a chat or a video conversation with a doctor in a given facility.

Use the services of our company

We are a team of experienced medics who can boast of many years of experience and a willingness to help people who need it most. The key issue for us is human health and life, therefore we work around the clock so that you can connect with us at any time, including via teleconsultation.

In the era of the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, we have prepared a service consisting of the delivery of an antigen test that will determine the presence of COVID-19, which is combined with teleconsultation carried out by our experienced medical staff.

After the examination, we issue the necessary certificate not only in Polish, but also in English. When ordering the test, you can do it yourself at home or during a teleconsultation session. With the help of our staff, you will be able to verify and read it correctly, and the result will be recorded in our database. The term of the advice can be booked on our website by selecting the appropriate service category. We encourage you to contact us and use our help.