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Research before going abroad

Despite the emergence of vaccines, we are witnessing successive waves of Covid 19 cases around the world. Many countries, for the sake of their citizens, introduce an order to have a negative result of the SARS-CoV-2 test, which must be shown when crossing the border. It must be made 72h, 48h, or 24 hours before the trip, depending on the country to which you are going. Also note that some countries also require a vaccine approval certificate. Therefore, before choosing a place to go, it is worth checking the detailed information on restrictions in a given country.  

Our company performs research before going abroad. Zdrovotic's offer includes both rapid antigen tests, RT-PCR, as well as for antibodies - ImG and IgG. PCR tests can be ordered for CITO if it is needed as soon as possible. Our employees take nasopharyngeal swabs. When it is impossible for various reasons, there is a chance to collect material from the throat. The test results are published in Polish and English free of charge.

What is extremely important is the fact that the results of the tests for the presence of Covid 19 are published online in pdf format. The test result is also visible in the mObywatel and IKP (Internet Patient Account) applications. There is a QR code available to help you cross borders quickly and efficiently.

To be tested for Covid-19  you can make an appointment via our website, which lists the available dates for which you can sign up. It is also possible to book an appointment by phone at 22 299 01 50 . You can also write to us at the e-mail address . We provide services to clients in, inter alia, Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Łódź, Poznań and many other cities in Poland.

For detailed information, please contact us via the above-mentioned details.

Compulsory research before going abroad

The test results are published in Polish and English free of charge.

How to make an appointment before going abroad?