COVID research for companies

The coronavirus pandemic, which started in March 2020, has made it difficult for numerous enterprises to operate all over Poland, forcing them to switch to remote work, introducing a limit of people and standards of occupational safety and health in rooms, or the need to repeat RT-PCR or antigen tests from time to time due to the appearance of new ones. infections, also in institutions. We conduct COVID research for companies - anywhere indicated by the ordering party (e.g. at the company's headquarters) within the time limits available on our website. We work around the clock.


We perform both RT-PCR tests (result after 24h) and quick antigen tests (result in 15 minutes; discount for groups over 50 people), which are characterized by an efficiency of almost 100%. We can also test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies (IgM, IgG class) to check whether the employees of a given facility have survived the infection and are convalescent. In order to carry out the test, we take a nasopharyngeal swab. In the event of contraindications, it may be aspirated from the throat.

We issue certificates of the obtained results for the presence of COVID-19 (also in English) online in the form of a PDF document. When the tests in the company end with positive results, we start the appropriate procedure in accordance with applicable regulations - we report to the Sanepid in order to quarantine appropriate units.

In order to arrange company tests for COVID-19, you can make a reservation via the website via the contact form available on it or contact us by phone (22 299 01 50, +48 796 347 314) or by e-mail at We provide assistance to clients operating in Warsaw and the surrounding area. For groups of over 100 people, we also travel to other parts of Poland (up to 300 km).  

COVID-19 testing - an offer for companies